An upcoming  proposed ordinance for San Diego County erases the distinctions between male and female, and allows confused men pretending to be women to be counted as real women.

“Women and girls” shall mean those who identify as women and girls, and shall include

Transgender Women, gender nonconforming women, youth, and girls, and those assigned female at birth which includes Transgender Men and Intersex communities.”

The proposed ordinance goes out of its way to protect prostitution, including prostitution by transgenders.

“Individuals who are engaged in sex work, including individuals who are transgender, are especially vulnerable to violence and hate crimes for many reasons. The County will endeavor to prevent the perpetuation of violence and hate crimes towards individuals engaged in sex work by, among other things, providing a way for victims to report these violent acts and seek help without fear of retaliation or stigmatization.”

The proposed ordinance will make taxpayers pay for prostitutes to get out of “patriarchal” systems of oppression. You are going to be paying for more wasteful programs pushed by the county. These programs provide no guarantee of actually helping people escape prostitution.


“The County shall also seek opportunities to develop, fund, and promote projects that enable individuals engaged in sex work to achieve economic independence and stability outside of the patriarchal-established sex industry, including access to financial assistance and additional resources.”


This proposal will allow men to go into women’s domestic violence shelters:

The County shall take appropriate and timely measures to ensure domestic violence shelters and transitional housing options are accessible regardless of parental and familial status.

Here is the link to the final agenda as posted on the County site.

The hearings will start at 9:30 am on Tuesday, April 26.

To speak in person, you should arrive 8:30 a.m. on the 3rd Floor of the County Administration Building 1600 Pacific Hwy., San Diego CA 92101.  They will have a table set outside the Supervisor’s chambers to register people,
Here is active link to register to speak by phone.

The Board of Supervisors has purposely placed the CEDAW ordinance at Agenda Item 34 it is certain to be hours from time of registration to time to speak.
To monitor where the Supervisor are you can have a person or team of persons monitor the meeting and let others know when Agenda Item 34 (CEDAW) is getting close.
The County will also have a Youtube Live Stream.
To find the Live Stream for the meeting enter these terms into the Youtube search bar: “San Diego County Live Stream 4-5-2022
This will allow you to monitor meeting progress remotely.
The above comes from an April 20 email sent by Arthur Schlepper of Mass Resistance.