Dear Pro-life friends,

I thought you would like to know. The Bubble Ordinance received 91 public comments posted on the city website in the days leading to the May 21 City Council vote. Of these, 87 were against the proposed ordinance (95.6%), and 4 were in favor (4.4%).

City staff allowed a combined total of 3 minutes of in-person comment for the opposition by two people, and a combined total of 9 minutes by 7 people in favor, all of whom were associated with Planned Parenthood.

Prior to the vote, there was no comment or discussion by Council Members of any public opposition to the ordinance. There was only praise and support for how much the ordinance was needed for everyone’s “safety”, yet there were absolutely no cases cited of any violence or assault against any Planned Parenthood staff, volunteers, or clients.

The San Diego City Council voted 9-0 without any hesitation to approve this ordinance. This is who is representing you.

God bless,

Roger Lopez
Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego