Saint John the Evangelist, a parish in San Diego’s homosexual Hillcrest neighborhood notorious for its promotion of pro-sodomy initiatives, advertises a 5:00 pm Sunday Mass hosted by the church’s LGBTQ Ministry. The parish offers an LGBTQ monthly social/potluck, LGBTQ prayer and support group, and other activities, and has marched in San Diego’s Gay Pride parade.
Since learning about the Sunday “LGBTQ liturgy celebration,” a number of Catholics have been showing up every Sunday at 4:30 PM to pray the Rosary and Chaplet of Divine Mercy in reparation.
Led by Ofelia Olguin, the prayer warriors have been growing in number. “We really want to be here in June when Pride Month is celebrated,” says Andres Wong, who has been praying.
“There is no reason for any parish to hold an ‘LGBTQ liturgy celebration’ or ‘LGBTQ’ anything,” says another prayer warrior who wishes to remain anonymous. “There is only one Mass, and only male or female human beings. There are male and female Catholics who struggle with various sins, and some of them struggle with homosexual temptations that they must fight to overcome. Why is homosexuality such a special sin that it deserves its own Mass and ministries? I suspect the reason is because that sin is being condoned, not discouraged.”
The parish website contains a link to San Diego Cardinal Robert McElroy’s January article in America magazine calling for “radical inclusion for L.G.B.T. people, women and others in the Catholic Church.” In the article, McElroy posits that the Church is a field hospital and the Eucharist is medicine, implying it should not be denied to anyone, regardless of the state of his soul. The cardinal talks about “reverence for conscience in the Catholic faith” and states it is “conscience that has the privileged place.”
In 2017, then-Bishop McElroy and then-auxiliary Bishop John Dolan, now bishop of Phoenix, celebrated a Mass there to commemorate the 20th publication anniversary of the U.S. bishops’ document Always Our Children. The LGBTQ ministry itself was established by a “gay,” civilly-“married” man, Aaron Bianco, who worked at the parish with the blessing of McElroy.

We are praying for the conversion of Cardinal McElroy and for those at St. John to be correctly taught the beauty and truth of our Catholic faith.
Photos from the parish website.

The above was emailed by a California Catholic Daily reader on April 28.