San Diego Catholic Bishop Robert McElroy delivered the following comments at the Fifth Annual San Diego Walk for Life, at Balboa Park, before an estimated 3,000 participants:

“It is a great joy to join with you all here today because what we’re doing is the work of God. What we’re doing is witnessing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this great nation. What we’re doing is honoring the heroism of women and men like those we have just heard from; who in their lives have encountered challenges and tragedies and taken actions to preserve life, to enhance life and to give the gift of life in very difficult circumstances.  

“We are here to call our nation to recognize it and to bring it, more and more, into the heart of our public policy. Now this year we do have moments of opportunities because we have a Congress and a President who have committed to rule on the issues of human life. And I think that gives us not only a new sense of solidarity on this issue but it also gives us a new challenge. All of us who are here, in the coming year, we have to speak to our representatives, speak with the White House, and help to get our country that to not only work on the eventual goal of overturning Roe v. Wade, but also, and more immediately, to make progress that is tangible on federal legislation on issues such as parental notification. We have tried that in our state time after time and failed. Federal legislation can achieve that for us. It’s time for us to move vigorously in the coming year.”

Full story at Diocese of San Diego website.