The following comes from a March 3 Cardinal Newman Society article by Adam Cassandra:

Saint Mary’s College of California hosted a roundtable discussion on Monday night “exploring the intersections of LGBT, Religion, Race, Gender and Ethnicity” featuring four activists for legalized same-sex marriage with an understanding of human sexuality not in alignment with Catholic Church teaching, causing a theology professor at the College to severely criticize the one-sided, anti-Catholic nature of the event.

“It seems to me, at a place that claims on some level to still be faith-based, we owe the students more than this,” Father David Gentry-Akin, professor of theology at Saint Mary’s, told The Cardinal Newman Society. Father Gentry-Akin said if the College is going to allow students to be exposed to points of view that contradict Church teaching, then event organizers “need to make sure there’s someone there who can speak credibly about the tradition of the Church on these questions.”

The panel discussion featured three speakers from the Pacific School of Religion, Dr. Justin Tanis, Dr. Bernie Schlager and Janice Sommerville, along with Lisbeth Melendez Rivera, the coordinator of Catholic and Latina programming for the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

Each of the speakers has a history of publicly condoning same-sex relationships and same-sex marriage. And Rivera’s employer, the Human Rights Campaign, actively works to undermine Church teaching on marriage and human sexuality across the country.