San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliott announced she wants to update local laws protecting patients accessing reproductive health care from harassment and intimidation.

“As everyone knows reproductive rights are under attack in this country,” said Elliott. “The shocking decision by the Alabama Supreme Court this month is only the most recent example. California has chosen a different course. We have chosen to lead on this issue.”

Elliott’s office said it’s been working on updating local laws since Roe v. Wade was overturned nearly two years ago.

According to Elliott, the law on the books now states that if a patient is going to a clinic and they don’t want to be approached by a protestor or someone with pamphlets, the patient is required to tell that person to back away.

Elliott wants to change that and instead put the burden on the protestor.

She plans to propose a law similar to one passed recently in Sacramento, which states no one within 100 feet of the entrance to a health care facility can get within eight feet of someone trying to get in or out of that facility in order to harass or intimidate the person.

Elliott said this law would also apply to protestors outside of churches as well as schools.

Her office plans to introduce an ordinance at a public safety committee meeting in March. If passed by the committee, it would need approval by the San Diego City Council.

From CBS Channel 8 News