Over the past couple of weeks, high school students across San Francisco have been walking out of their classes to raise awareness about the prevalence of sexual assault and to protest administrations’ handling of sexual assault allegations. Public schools, such as Lowell, Ruth Asawa SOTA, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln, have organized large-scale walkouts over the past month as part of a larger movement to hold sexual perpetrators accountable and help heal survivors. In solidarity, SHC students walked out of their block 1 classes on November 12th and sat in silence for 10 minutes on the plaza.

The sit-in was planned by several members of SHC’s student council and announced via social media the day before. Students reposted a virtual flyer instructing students to wear black or red and to head to the plaza at the end of their block 1 classes.

Thursday evening, only a couple of hours after the flyers began circulating on social media, SHC’s administration sent out an email affirming their support for victims of sexual assault and saying that they support students choosing to participate in the sit-in. In addition, in an email from Dr. Cannon, the SHC administration said that they were looking forward to continuing these conversations in the coming weeks “to create a more just school community and a more just world….”

The above comes from a Nov. 23 story in the Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep Emerald.