….At 22 weeks into a surrogate pregnancy, Brittney Pearson, 37, of Sacramento, received the devastating news of her breast cancer diagnosis in May. Brittney described her reaction to the news saying, “My main focus was that I could continue the pregnancy and that the baby would be OK.”

According to Pearson’s account, medical professionals at Sutter Health Medical Center in Sacramento initially told her that she could undergo a pregnancy-compatible form of chemotherapy treatment. They planned to induce her at 34 weeks gestation — a plan that, initially, was acceptable to the two men who had hired Brittney.

A comprehensive, full-body MRI scan revealed the full extent of the disease.

At 24 weeks, Brittney learned her cancer had metastasized. She would need a faster-growing, more aggressive chemo. Since Brittney would now require a different chemotherapy, doing so would put the baby she was carrying at risk.

Brittney decided to deliver the baby at 25 weeks in order for her to receive the chemotherapy necessary for her own health, with minimal risk to the health of the baby. However, the couple who contracted Brittney as a surrogate refused to accept any possibility of early labor, as they were concerned that the baby, if born prematurely, would have serious medical needs.

While Brittney was struggling with this life-altering revelation, the homosexual couple who had hired her as a surrogate changed their minds and used legal threats to exert pressure on her to terminate the pregnancy. They even threatened Brittney’s oncology team with legal action, wanting to direct Brittney’s care. “I felt like just a rented uterus,” Brittney said. “I feel like they didn’t care about me.”

“I cried the whole week leading up to the delivery,” Brittney said.

Multiple families were arranged to adopt the baby in the event the prospective fathers refused to welcome the child. They not only refused to bring the baby to their home, but using their legal right to the child, the two men refused the baby lifesaving medical care, and the boy died shortly after being delivered on Father’s Day.

“I did surrogacy to give people a baby, to try to help in ways that not everybody could,” Brittney said. “They took the whole experience and just completely ruined it.” The couple only wanted the cremated remains of the child….

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