The Sacramento City Council unanimously approved at its Tuesday evening meeting 100-foot “quiet zones” around health care facilities.

What this means is that sound amplifiers, like microphones and megaphones, are no longer permitted to be used within 100 feet of a health care facility’s property line.

This is being done through an amendment to the city code relating to noise control.

Language in the ordinance said the quiet zone is intended to prohibit specific conduct that may “obstruct, deter, delay or prevent individuals from obtaining or providing necessary health services because they are forced to endure harassing, obstructive, or intimidating behavior.”

The ordinance still allows people who gather outside of health care facilities to speak, distribute written material, and display signs and placards. Inspiration for the change in city code and new ordinance stemmed from ongoing protests and issues outside Planned Parenthood facilities in Sacramento.

“When I go seek my reproductive care at Kaiser, no one’s screaming at me or calling me a name. I feel safe, right?” said Lauren Babb, the vice president of public affairs at Planned Parenthood Mar Monte. “That’s the experience we want patients at our health center to have.”

Babb worked with city officials, including Sacramento city council member Katie Valenzuela, who sponsored the ordinance, on the implementation of a quiet zone….

The new rule is in addition to another ordinance that was passed in June 2022.

No one within 100 feet of the entrance to a health care facility can get within 8 feet of someone trying to get in or out of that facility in order to harass or intimidate the person.

Story from KCRA.