The following comes from a March 23 Sacramento Bee article by Bill Lindelof:

More than a dozen clergy and lay people from Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Muslim and Protestant houses of worship gathered Wednesday at a news conference on the steps of Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament downtown.

The gathering was meant to call attention to Secretary of State John Kerry’s announcement last week that Islamic State’s persecution of Christians, Yazidis and Shiite Muslims amounts to genocide.

Sacramento Roman Catholic Bishop Jaime Soto said the declaration from Kerry that the group, also known as ISIS or Daesh, has committed genocide is long overdue.

“Lives are being extinguished,” said Soto, and the good works of churches, schools, hospitals and social services, founded and maintained by Christians, are being erased.

Soto also said the group wanted to remember those killed in Tuesday’s airport and subway bombings in Belgium. Islamic State has taken credit for the attack.

“Innocent people were killed and maimed by madness,” Soto said. “Such horrors only come from the heart of darkness.”