Bishop Jaime Soto: “In light of the serious financial hardships being experienced by our parishes and schools during this Covid-19 pandemic and the high level of economic uncertainty that exists for the fiscal year 2020/2021, I am rescinding the salary adjustment guideline that I published in January of this year….

For Lay employees no increase

For all Priests no increase and no years-of-service step increase….

The above comes from a May 18 letter from Bishop Jaime Soto.

Glen Faulkner has been hired as Diocesan Coordinator for Parish Security. Glen is a parishioner of Holy Spirit Parish in Sacramento….

Glen retired as a lieutenant from the Sacramento Police Department after 27 years. During his career at the Sacramento Police Department, Glen worked in various roles, including patrol, as a training officer, in the department’s policy and risk management unit, and even several years on horseback and in a boat…

Glen’s work in the Diocese of Sacramento will focus on the following:  Assisting parishes with the implementation of prudent safety measures, including obtaining a formal Threat Assessment Report from Homeland Security and following-up on the recommendations made in the report;  Coordinating free training opportunities for pastors and volunteers….

The above comes from a May 25 release from the diocese of Sacramento.