Date: October 2, 2020

To: Pastors, Parochial Administrators, Parish Stewards

From: Glen Faulkner, Parish Security Coordinator

RE: Security Workshops

One of our priorities is to provide training and information about security issues that impact safety in our parishes and schools. As part of this effort, we have planned three separate workshops on various aspects of parish security. Each workshop will be presented via LifeSize.

Workshop 1: Behavioral Threat Indicators – Active assailant events don’t happen on a whim. Years of studies show perpetrators plan their attacks carefully, frequently giving advanced notice of what they are about to do. This workshop will describe these clues and how best to respond to them.

Workshop 2: De-escalation techniques – Calming an agitated or angry person can be a challenge, especially in a moment of crisis. This presentation will feature trained negotiators sharing some tips and advice to help you attain a peaceful outcome to such encounters.

Workshop 3: Active assailant (shooter) events – What happens in an active assailant event and what responses offer the best outcome? This presentation looks at what we can learn from past incidents in order to increase our safety.

Thursday, October 29, 2020 1:30pm – 3:30pm via Lifesize

For more information, contact: Glen Faulkner, Security Coordinator • 916-733-0125

The above comes from an Oct. 2 Diocese of Sacramento memo to pastors.