sacramento-capitol-buildingThe following comes from an August 8 email from the Pacific Justice Institute.

Dear Friends,

I’m writing you today with two important updates about our legislative efforts.

1. AB 1266:  The so-called “Bathroom Bill” that would be a nightmare for our students is now on Governor Brown’s desk.  That means he must sign or veto it by early next week, and a final decision could be only hours away.  Thanks to all of you who have been calling the Governor’s office—keep it up!  It doesn’t hurt to call again—the number is (916) 445-2841.  We have collected more than 1900 petitions from concerned citizens that we are planning to deliver today!

2. SB 323:  Remember the Anti-Boy Scouts Bill?  It’s back!  It’s been a while since the Legislature took any action on this second bill featured at  But final action still awaits, and the next major hearing will be this coming Monday, August 12 before the Assembly Revenue & Taxation Committee.  Most people probably assumed this bill went away because of the Boy Scouts’ disastrous move to allow openly gay scouts.  Not at all—the Legislature is still seeking to punish the Scouts, demanding that they go even further.  Even worse, this bill would threaten tax exemptions of a host of other youth organizations and institutions, from Christian schools to soccer teams and Special Olympics.

We need your help!  Please call the committee members listed below and urge them to vote no on SB 323!  And in case you think the Legislature is a lost cause—think again!  We actually have a very good chance to defeat SB 323 because a 2/3 majority is required, and the majority party does not yet have all their votes locked up.  If you live in Northern California, please consider joining us at the committee hearing on Monday at 1:30p.m. in the State Capitol.  You don’t need to prepare a speech—just stand up with us and state your name in opposition.  There is strength in numbers!

Assembly Revenue & Taxation Committee Members
Asm. Raul Bocanegra – Phone 916-319-2039, Fax 916-319-2139
Asm. Brian Dahle – Phone 916-319-2001, Fax 916-319-2101
Asm. Richard S. Gordon – Phone 916-319-2024, Fax 916-319-2124
Asm. Diane L. Harkey – Phone 916-319-2073, Fax 916-319-2173
Asm. Kevin Mullin – Phone 916-319-2022, Fax 916-319-2122
Asm. Brian Nestande – Phone 916-319-2042, Fax 916-319-2142
Asm. Richard Pan – Phone 916-319-2009, Fax 916-319-2109
Asm. V. Manuel Perez – Phone 916-319-2056, Fax 916-319-2156
Asm. Philip Y. Ting – Phone 916-319-2019, Fax 916-319-2119

Running the Race,

Brad Dacus, Esq.
President, Pacific Justice Institute