The following comes from the Sept. 2 edition of Rorate-caeli blogspot.

The Bishop of Cádiz and Ceuta, Spain, Bp. Rafael Zornoza, was the object of intense media persecution in his country after he refused the request of a lady (now claiming to be a “man”) from being the “godfather”. In early August, it seemed that he had caved in. As Breitbart reported on August 8, “A Spanish bishop has caved in to pressure and allowed a transsexual man to become a godfather. The Bishop of Cádiz and Ceuta will now allow Alex Salinas, who was born a woman, to become godfather to his nephew, his local parish priest has said.”

Alas, thankfully, that was not exactly the case. Today, the Bishop of Cádiz and Ceuta published a long communiqué, which includes this central excerpt (first translation in English of the relevant CDF response):

[Bishop:]… Considering the disorientation caused among some of the faithful by some words having been attributed to me that I had not pronounced, and due to the complexity and media relevance of this subject, taking into consideration the possible pastoral consequences of any decision regarding it, I raised up a formal consultation before the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, whose response was:

[CDF:]”Regarding this particular [issue], I inform you of the impossibility that it be admitted. The transsexual behavior itself reveals, in a public manner, an attitude that is opposed to the moral demand of resolving one’s own problem of sexual identity according to the truth of one’s own sex. Therefore, it is evident that this person does not possess the requisite of leading a life according to the faith and to the position of godfather (CIC [Code of Canon Law] Can 874 §3), not being able, therefore, of being admitted to the position either of godmother or of godfather. Discrimination is not to be seen in this, but only a recognition of an objective lack of the requisites that by their own nature are necessary to take over the ecclesial responsibility of being a godparent.”

[Bishop:] For these reasons, it has been made known to the interested parties that their request cannot be accepted.


The Church welcomes all persons charitably, wanting to help each one in his position with sentiments of mercy, but without denying the truth that she preaches, that she proposes to all as a path a faith to be freely embraced.



[Source: Diócesis de Cádiz y Ceuta, in Spanish]