Parental rights triumphed over the transgender agenda in the shadow of California’s capital overnight, as the state’s fifth school district adopted a policy requiring teachers to notify parents if their children begin to identify as a member of another sex.

Parents burst into cheers as the Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD) board of trustees adopted the policy by a 4-1 vote Thursday morning around 12:40 a.m. local time. The regulation stipulates that schools must contact parents within three school days if their child requests to use a name, pronouns, or sex-segregated facilities “that do not align with the child’s biological sex.” Trustees also clarified that a student’s gender identity remains confidential to everyone “except the student and their parent(s)….”

The vote came after hundreds of people crowded into a grueling, six-and-a-half-hour meeting that included more than four hours of public comments that ranged from heartrending to hot-headed.

“This policy is violent,” asserted a LGBTQ activist wearing a rainbow cape, a cloth COVID mask, and hoisting a handheld transgender flag. “You are waging war, and we will not take it quietly. … We’ll shame you in public! … Take our kids’ futures, and we’ll take your livelihood!”

“We don’t take threats up here,” replied RUSD Board President Julie Hupp, who favored the policy. “Threatening the board members is not how we work up here.”

“It’s not a threat. It’s a promise!” said the speaker, who identified as Jay Smith, to the cheers of rainbow-flag waving audience members.

More than one speaker wore an LGBTQ cape in the manner of a superhero. Teachers in the school district reportedly passed out rainbow ribbons to oppose notifying parents….

Liberals promised swift political retaliation against RUSD and its four pro-parent trustees. “Hit me up if you want to run for school board next year,” said Jonathan Cook, the executive director of the Sacramento Housing Alliance. (RUSD trustee Michelle Sutherland cast the lone dissenting vote on Wednesday night. Julie Hupp, Tiffany Saathoff, Rachelle Price, and Dereck Counter voted in favor.) One political communications specialist urged LGBT activists to nullify or counter messages that parental notification policies validate parents’ love for their children….

The lopsided passage constitutes an act of defiance on the part of Rocklin, which is located in Placer County — a mere 22 miles outside Sacramento, where the administration of Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has made a full-court press against parental notification policies….

Chino Valley affirmed parental rights by a 4-1 vote in July, followed by Murrieta Valley Unified School District and Temecula Valley Unified School District (both in Riverside County), and Anderson Union High School District in Shasta County.

“5 down, 939 to go,” quipped Christensen.

The Orange Unified School District will vote on a similar policy Thursday evening.

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