The following comes from a June 9 posting on the Christian Post.

A conservative professor who speaks openly about his opposition to gay marriage after having been raised by a lesbian couple has announced that he will be resigning his tenured position following a long battle with liberal activists.

Robert Oscar Lopez, former associate professor of English and classics at California State University at Northridge, recently resigned his position with the academic institution.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Lopez explained that the decision to move on came as a result of longstanding mounting pressure from activists on and off campus.

“Online trolls had been posting for years that they were able to get CSUN employees on the phone to share information with them, but for a while I tried to give the institution the benefit of the doubt.”

By last November, explained Lopez, he found evidence that off-campus activists and his colleagues were working with each other to try and oust him.

In response to Lopez saying he was unjustly targeted for his views, the university told CP: “CSUN takes very seriously its obligation to protect and uphold faculty academic freedom rights. While CSUN takes exception to many of the statements professor Lopez has made public, we are unable to comment further regarding the details given our obligation to protect the privacy of students and employees.

In an essay written for the conservative Witherspoon Institute in August 2012, Lopez argued that being raised by a same-sex couple was harmful for him.

Last year, a student accused Lopez of discrimination when he gave his students the option of attending a conference on family issues that the professor spoke at.

“In October [2015], the university informed Lopez that while there was insufficient evidence that he’d discriminated against students on the basis of sex, there was sufficient evidence that he had ‘attempted to intimidate and prevent’ students from disagreeing with him about the conference,” reported Inside Higher Ed.

“California State’s academic freedom policy protects controversial content in the classroom, but notes that a professor should be careful not to introduce controversial subject matter which has ‘no relation to his subject.'”