In a heartbreaking scene, a woman was taken from the Planned Parenthood abortion facility by gurney on March 6 and loaded into an ambulance for transport.

Once she was inside the ambulance, a man holding the hand of a small boy, who appeared to be the family of the injured woman, were escorted over to the ambulance by what appeared to be a Planned Parenthood security guard for instructions.  The family then followed the ambulance by private vehicle as it left the Planned Parenthood parking lot.

The ambulance ran without sirens. It is common for abortion clinic personnel to request no sirens when calling for ambulance assistance to keep the community from being alerted to a medical emergency in progress.

A local pro-life activist who was participating in a prayer vigil at the abortion facility at the time of the incident provided Operation Rescue with a video clip from the scene.

Operation Rescue obtained an audio recording from the emergency 911 dispatch that indicated the woman was hemorrhaging.  At least two fire units were also dispatched to the scene, along with the ambulance.

“It is such a sad thing to see this little boy at the abortion facility with his father, watching as his mother is taken away by an ambulance.  It must have been so frightening to that child,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “This is a small glimpse of the human tragedy of abortion and what it does to families.”

The above comes from a March 10 story issued by Operation Rescue.