If President Joe Biden — who has polled as the least popular president in modern history — is reelected in 2024, his top priority on day one of his second term is the killing of the unborn.

During an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday, Biden deputy campaign manager Quentin Fulks said Biden would prioritize abortion and restoring Roe v. Wade on the first day of his second term. When the Supreme Court issued its Dobbs decision in June of 2022, it overturned Roe v. Wade, a 1973 decision that had invented the Constitutional “right” to abortion.

“You talk about democracy being on the ballot. Some top Democratic lawmakers say, ‘Okay, good to be focused on former President Trump, but you’ve got to talk about what a second Biden agenda would look like.’ What would on day one President Biden’s top priority be?” NBC’s Kristen Welker asked.

“Well, look, the president announced this campaign with the moniker of ‘Finish the job, and protecting freedom and democracy.’ So when we talk about that, let’s look at it. First of all, Roe,” Fulks replied. “The president has been adamant that we need to restore Roe. It is unfathomable that women today wake up in a country with less rights than their ancestors had years ago….”

From Breitbart