A replica of the Virgin of San Juan de Los Lagos is making the rounds of the L.A. archdiocese, having started on September 9.

This image is the second most venerated after the Virgin of Guadalupe and maintains a deep connection to the Cristero martyrs.

The image from the diocese of San Juan de los Lagos is visiting L.A. from September 9 through October 2.

The parishes involved include Our Lady of the Rosary, Resurrection, St. Francis Xavier, and St. Francis.

The original image of Our Lady of San Juan de los Lagos was made by the Spaniard Matías de la Cerda in Pátzcuaro, in the present state of Michoacan in the 16th Century. The image was taken to the cathedral at San Juan de los Lagos and gained immense popularity after a miracle in 1623. A family of circus performers passing through suffered a terrible accident, whereby a daughter of the family suffered a wound in her chest, died, and after prayers for the intercession of the Virgin of San Juan, was miraculously healed….

The above comes from a September 7 story in ACI Prensa (Spanish).