This past weekend, “SatanCon”—the first-ever satanic convention—was held at the Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona. In response, about 300 Catholics gathered in front of the hotel to publicly pray. The number made me think of the 300 men from the Book of Judges (7:5-7) who defeated 15,000 Midianites. The fact that we were 300 Catholics was not a coincidence; it was a God incidence.

We saturated the atmosphere with “the sweet aroma of Christ” (2 Corinthians 2:15) for three days straight. Our group intentionally united our prayers from noon to 3 p.m. (the hours Our Lord was redeeming the world on Calvary). Two Catholic priests joined us in offering prayers of supplication and petition. We prayed all the mysteries of the holy Rosary; the Chaplet of St. Michael the Archangel; the Chaplet of the Holy Face of Jesus; the Chaplet of Divine Mercy; and beautiful litanies to Our Lady, St. Joseph, the blood of Jesus, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Between prayers, we sang Latin hymns. 

Hundreds of people attended the satanic convention, including satanists, witches, atheists, and secular humanists. I felt like St. Paul walking into Ephesus (Acts 19:29): “the city was filled with much confusion.” I also could identify with St. Paul as he walked into Athens: “while Paul was waiting for them at Athens, his spirit was provoked within him as he saw that the city was full of idols” (Acts 17:16).

Many of the Catholic faithful who joined us expressed that this was an incredible spiritual experience, like an intense retreat. I spent two separate occasions talking to and evangelizing two different satanists, and I also shared the faith with two ecumenically-minded Protestant pastors who were asking me questions about Catholicism. I also spoke to four atheists about what Catholics believe. Lastly, I shared the faith with four Scottsdale policemen who were, by their own admission, lukewarm Catholics.

As I was driving home on Sunday, the last day of the prayer rally, I received a call from a friend of mine, Kyle Clement, the case manager and facilitator for the exorcist Fr. Chad Ripperger. He told me that Fr. Ripperger had offered the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for the protection of the Catholics in Scottsdale who were at the prayer rally and in reparation for the evil occurring at the satanic conference. That was a great consolation to my wife and me. 

I firmly believe the reason our rally was so successful is because there were thousands and thousands of lay Catholics, priests, and nuns from all over the country—including 21 cloistered orders—praying for us. In our own diocese, our bishop recommended that Catholics pray inside every Catholic Church for the protection of Scottsdale—prayers of reparation and prayers for the conversion of the satanists. The prayer rally was life changing for all those who participated. It was a moving and powerful experience and a weekend of incredible grace that they will never forget.

Members of the Scottsdale Police Department conveyed to me that when the satanists were leaving the hotel on Sunday they appeared to be arguing with each other, having heated debates with each other as they entered their cars and left the hotel. The police told me the satanists were not happy, they were not smiling. They were frowning and visibly upset and distressed. 

I believe with complete certainty that this was the result of our prayers. Catholic prayers projected into the cosmos will disrupt, block, and impede satanic curses, hexes, and incantations. I have no doubt that at their conference curses and hexes were undermined and impaired by the power of Catholic prayer. They felt a small demonstration of the power of God, who loves them and sent His only Son to die for them.

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