The following is a Diocese of Oakland press release:

For the past several months, Dr. Margaret Turek has been holding listening sessions with pastors and parish staffs throughout the diocese. Clergy and lay leaders shared the conviction that there is a need to develop conditions in our diocese and parishes that support the formation of “missionary disciples” (to use a phrase of Pope Francis). Specifically, there are three pastoral priorities that clergy and lay leaders most often identify as deserving our best efforts: 1) a deep and ongoing renewal of spirituality; 2) a robust renewal of lifelong faith formation; 3) a “new” evangelization.

Moving forward, the department is being rebranded and reconfigured, and is now called the Department of Faith Formation and Evangelization (FFE). The FFE mission statement is: We serve and support parishes in the lifelong formation of missionary disciples. To the Director’s position are added a number of responsibilities concentrated in the areas of adult spiritual/faith formation. Patti Collyer is now the Coordinator of Children and Youth Faith Formation, which combines in one office our diocesan catechetical initiatives, programs and resources for ages 3 to 18.

We are presently seeking a Coordinator of the New Evangelization and RCIA. This is a position shaped in response to the needs of our local Church and the challenge of Pope Francis that we reach out to those on the peripheries of our faith communities – those who have drifted away from the faith, the non-practicing, the unchurched. Within this group we include Young Adults, ages 19 – 39, who respond to new and different methods of communication and forms of outreach than the young adults of a generation ago.