A school district in blue California is featuring “Progress Pride” murals on each school campus as children head back to school, the district proudly announced over the weekend.

“Progress Pride Flags are being painted as murals on each school campus,” the Castro Valley Unified School District announced in a social media post Saturday, featuring several images of the murals, including one with children standing on each side smiling.

“Aligned with our commitment to ensure every student feels safe and valued in our schools, on February 9th, 2022, the CVUSD Board approved the project,” the district added.

The “Progress Pride” murals are based off the left’s revamped pride flag. The newer version, embraced by the likes of the U.S. Department of State and Justice Department, includes additional stripes of color — black, brown, light pink, baby blue, and white — specifically for the inclusion of minorities and transgender individuals….

The above comes from a Sept. 5 posting on Breitbart.com.