The following comes from brochures sent to Cal Catholic in mid-April by one of our correspondents.

“A decade ago, in a memorable article in the Journal of Hispanic / Latino Theology, James Nickoloff took notice of a “queer omission in U.S. Latino/a theology”— the field’s near-complete silence on questions of sexuality, particularly homosexuality.Nickoloff proposed that Latino/a Catholic theology finally take up a long-avoided review of theories of sexuality, particularly queer theory, as possible sources and loci for theological reflection….

“Characteristically, institutional Roman Catholicism has been slow to read the signs of these times. In the spirit of redressing this queer omission, this colloquium seeks to begin mapping the largely unexplored tropics of sexuality in Latino/a Catholic theology and culture, seeking new sourcings for reflection.

“The sessions of this colloquium will plumb relatively untapped theoretical regions such as queer theory and Chican@ theory, the dogmatic and cultural engenderings of Latina Catholic social and sexual identities, reflect theologically on ministerial vocations for women, and hear testimonios on the predicament of border-crossers who face grave and constant personal risk because of their sexual identities.”

Included in the colloquium:

– Socorro Castañeda-Liles (University of Santa Clara): ‘Shame in the Name of God: An Invitation to (Re)member the Latina Body’

– Wendy M. Arce (Graduate Theological Union): ‘Latina Sexuality, Religion and the Media: Old Gender Roles, New Possibilities’

– Jeannette ‘Lil Milagro’ Henríquez (Graduate Theological Union): ‘Queering the ‘Crucified People’: Ignacio Ellacuría and Violence Against LGBTQIQQ Communities’

– Theresa Yugar (Claremont Graduate University): ‘Roman Catholic Women in North America: A New Model of Ordained Ministry’

– ‘The Sexual Nepantla of the Borderlands’ led byRicardo Gallego (moderator). Gallego is a prevention case manager at the San Diego LGBT Community Center.

“The Colloquium will be held at the Wyndham San Diego Bayside Hotel, in sunny San Diego, California….Our hotel is located just a few blocks walk from the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel where the CTSA will be held after the ACHTUS Colloquium.”