On Tuesday, the city of Pueblo, Colorado, narrowly passed the first reading of a proposed ordinance that would ban abortions within city limits.

Before the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe last June, Colorado lawmakers passed the so-called Reproductive Health Equity Act that declares every individual has a “fundamental right” to abortion or contraception.

As The Pueblo Chieftain reported, the proposed sanctuary city ordinance is the first “municipal anti-abortion regulation” brought forward in Colorado.

Mark Lee Dickson, a pastor and director of Right to Life East Texas, was involved with the sanctuary city ordinance in Pueblo, Colorado. The pro-life activist has spearheaded dozens of efforts in cities across the U.S. to outlaw abortion by getting ordinances passed designating areas as sanctuary cities for the unborn.

Pro-life activists like Dickson run a site called Sanctuary Cities For The Unborn, which invites like-minded residents to sign a petition indicating they want to see abortion outlawed in their city.

In a statement to The Christian Post ahead of a Sanctuary Cities For The Unborn interest meeting on Nov. 21 in Pueblo, Dickson said that he and others who are part of the initiative “hope to see cities vote on ordinances in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado and Minnesota before the year is over.”

Dickson helped city councilor Regina Maestri draft the Pueblo ordinance, and he also spoke during the public comment section of the council meeting.

“If an abortion facility moves to Pueblo, Colorado, it’s not the state capitol’s problem,” the pro-life activist told radio station KRDO. “It’s not the nation’s capital’s problem. It’s a problem of this local municipality because they’re the ones they’re going to have to deal with it from it.”

The above comes from a Dec. 5 story in the Christian Post.

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