Father Joseph Fessio of Ignatius Press in San Francisco gave a 10-minute homily on Tuesday, October 13.

In the homily, Fessio said he was struck by the day before’s reading of Psalm 73 and how relevant the psalm is.

Here is a 15-second excerpt from the Fessio homily:

“ ‘They clothe themselves with violence’ ” – seen any of that lately? – ‘their hearts of full of malice, their minds seethe with plots.’ – There’s actually a group that met in June, very important people, plotting on what to do in case we have a close election and it doesn’t go their way.”

Father Fessio’s words beyond the 15 seconds help explain his case:

” ‘They scoff, they speak with malice, from on high they plan oppression.’ – that is from positions of authority. We’ve gone through 3 ½ years of the weaponization of federal intelligence agencies. Campaigning against the president. We now know, we now have the evidence that this was done from on high.”