In what should be an embarrassing MSNBC interview Sunday with former Biden Administration spokeswoman Jen Psaki, California Governor Gavin Newsom, who isn’t running for president, claimed that if “Donald Trump becomes president of the United States he will sign a national abortion ban. Period. Full Stop.”

The Sunday morning interview opened with Psaki batting her eyelashes, and breathlessly thanking Newsom for taking time to talk with her – as if he’s an international man of mystery.

Then she commented on a new Democrat ad to be aired in Alabama and Arizona showing two women driving near the state border, nervous about the cop behind them.

He pulls them over, and the narrator says, “Trump Republicans criminalized women who travel for reproductive care.”

The cop says, “I’m gonna need you to step out of the vehicle and take a pregnancy test.”

“Stop them by taking action at,” the narrator says.

“‘This isn’t really going to happen.’ What do you say to that?” Psaki asks.

“Look at what Idaho already did,” Newsom says. “And Arizona with the 1864 law.”

“We’re not just criminalizing womens’ access to reproductive care in other states, we’re criminalizing their travel.”

Psaki said Republicans in Arizona for a second time blocked an attempt to repeal the 1864 abortion ban. “This time there was video of Republicans cheering on the floor of the Legislature.”

“What was going through your mind when you watched that?” Psaki asked Newsom.

“It sickens you,” Newsom says. “I’ve got two young daughters who won’t have the same rights their mom and dad had. 160,000 women had to leave their state last year to experience reproductive care.”

“Now you have Attorney Generals like Alabama’s and Arizona’s that want to incarcerate up to five years to life, those women that aided and abetted – supported them,” Newsom continued.

“The fact that we now have a been going back to 1864, and they are celebrating. I thought the Republican Party wanted to put a wrecking ball to the 21st century, now they want to create the 19th century. It is chilling and goes well beyond the issue of women’s reproductive care.”

“This consequential moment that’s absorbed most of our focus, and not some of the other tangental things at the precious and important moment in history…”

Psaki said, “Which is really important. When we sat down in Alabama about a year ago you kind of warned of this. That they could be going after LGBTQ rights, contraception could be next. What is next? What should people be bracing themselves for if these politics continue to run as they are?”

Newsom said, “They have been on a cultural purge, a banning binge, censoring historical facts and rewriting history. It has happened out in the open, not just talking about rights regressions in state but the nationalization of rights being regressed. Everybody watching knows that if Donald Trump becomes president of the United States he will sign a national abortion ban. He is the one that is responsible for the conditions that persist today, those continue to persist as it relates to the rights that are being vandalized by the United States Supreme Court.”

There was no discussion between Jen Psaki and Gavin Newsom about California’s escalating crime, the border invasion, crippling inflation, highest-in-the-nation gas and energy costs. Just abortion.

Newsom says California is absorbing an additional 17% of women seeking abortions from other states because California is now an abortion sanctuary state. “Important to remind people Jen, is about 1/3 of Planned Parenthood patients in America are here in California” Newsom says excitedly. (California is also home to 1/3 of the entire country’s welfare recipients and 1/2 of the country’s homeless.)

As ghoulish as that is, at least California has one thriving industry.

From the California Globe