The following comes from a December 10 ABC13 article by Jacqui Heinrich and Gina Lazara:

Parishioners are terrified after protesters have disturbed Mass at several Catholic churches across the valley.

The group, Koosha Las Vegas, includes members who clearly identify themselves as former Muslims turned Christians. They’ve been entering churches during services, shouting at Catholics that they need to repent now or else, and filming the acts and posting them on the Internet.

The videos make clear the group has been active on the Las Vegas Strip and several other places around the valley. They’re often seen with large signs and megaphones. The difference now is that they’re going into houses of worship and causing disturbances.

“Repent, and turn to Jesus Christ. Pope is a Satan! Pope is a Satan! Mary statue is a Satan!” the man behind the camera can be heard shouting.

Parishioners we talked to say they were initially scared because of the recent climate of terrorism, and the group makes clear many members are Muslims turned Christian. Although they’re preaching the word of Christ to other Christians, to be told “your religion is not going to save you”, clearly audible on video, they said was unsettling.

It’s not just happening at church. The same group posted a protest outside Bishop Gorman Catholic School on Dec. 2. In that video, a man can be seen telling students, “If you look at the catechism of the Catholic church and you look at scripture, you know why god hates this religious system.”

The scene was so unsettling to some parents that many tried to dismantle it, honking their horns in the video.