Angry pro-abortion students at the University of Arizona in Tucson pelted a pro-life organization with eggs Wednesday for exposing the violent reality of abortion.

Abra Singleton, southwest regional director for the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, said three pro-life volunteers were hit with eggs, including her 72-year-old father, and they contacted police about pressing charges.

Singleton told LifeNews that they set up their Genocide Awareness Project display on campus Wednesday to show images of aborted babies and victims of other genocides, such as the Holocaust and the Rwandan Genocide.

“Our goal is to show that abortion dismembers and decapitates little human beings, and that it is comparable to what has happened to other people groups when their personhood is stripped from them in order to justify killing them,” Singleton said.

However, the disturbing images quickly attracted hostility, and angry students began throwing eggs at the display and volunteers, prompting the pro-life advocates to call police, she said….

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