This communication is an update regarding the investigation of the design and constructions issues of the Diocesan Cathedral Center.

As reported last fall, the Catholic Cathedral Corporation of the East Bay board of directors approved a plan recommended by our expert consultants for additional testing and inspection of Cathedral Center buildings. Completed in December of 2016, the testing was undertaken as part of our ongoing legal action to ensure that the responsible parties pay for the necessary corrective work.

The testing uncovered underlying conditions in the buildings which help explain why we are experiencing water intrusion, sagging of building floors and issues with doors and cracking drywall. 

Since this is a complex case, it is not possible to predict the timeline or outcome of the mediation. 

We know this case is taking substantial time to develop, but construction cases generally take more time than other cases because of the extensive testing and evaluation processes that must happen and because a large number of companies were involved in the design and construction process.

The original architect and structural engineer have advised us the Cathedral Center buildings are safe for our employees, visitors and parishioners to occupy.

Full story in the June 19 issue of The Weekly, published for employees, parish staff, clergy and religious of the Diocese of Oakland.