Pro-lifers in Ohio are seeking volunteer phone-bankers to get out the vote to defeat Issue 1 on November 7, election day.

Early voting has already started on the proposed state constitutional amendment, which would give every “individual” the right to “make and carry out” unspecified “reproductive decisions” including but not limited to abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. The amendment would also prohibit the state from “burdening” anyone attempting to exercise that right or “burdening” anyone assisting someone in exercising that right.

If Issue 1 passes, courts are likely to find that Ohio’s parental notification law, its partial-birth abortion ban, its informed consent law, its heartbeat bill, its abortion clinic safety regulations, and its other abortion restrictions are “burdens” that violate the new constitutional amendment.

The rights given by the amendment are not limited to adults and are not limited to abortion. Minors would also have the right to these unspecified reproductive decisions without parental involvement. A school teacher assisting a child in obtaining an abortion or a sex-change treatment would be protected by the amendment, while a parent trying to protect his child would not.

The language of the proposed amendment is similar to what passed in Michigan last year as Proposal 3. If victorious in Ohio, the abortion lobby is poised to introduce the same amendment in at least eight states next year, including Florida, South Dakota, Arizona, Missouri, and Iowa, wiping out their abortion restrictions.

Read more about Issue 1, the proposed state constitutional amendment, here.

Sign up to volunteer to make phone calls to get out the vote here. Volunteers do not need to live in Ohio.