Local pro-lifers will storm heaven with prayer next week outside a newly opened California surgical abortion location, asking God to shut it down. 

“We need to pray that this new killing clinic will be shut down,” wrote Allyson Smith in an announcement to local pro-lifers, asking them to come and pray next Tuesday at the new Family Planning Associates abortion clinic located on 1625 East Main Street in El Cajon.

“If we all show up, the surrounding tenants will complain to the landlord – and most importantly we can save a life or two of precious children,” she wrote. 

“Rain or Shine: Please come pray for these women intent on aborting their unborn child,” she added.  

The event is ecumenical. All are welcome to support life through a prayer witness.

Surgical abortions will be conducted on Tuesdays at the El Cajon FPA, so local pro-life supporters will begin praying in front of the FPA location this coming Tuesday, December 5. Participants can pray between 8 a.m. and noon, or noon to 4 p.m.

Prayer protesters should park across the street from the El Cajon FPA, which is located at 1625 E. Main St.

They are also encouraged to bring pro-life, pro-family signage; graphic images are not to be included in the protest. 

Pro-lifers interested in attending the event are asked to contact East County Churches for Life at EastCountyChurchesForLife@gmail.com.

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