A group of pro-life activists have discovered human fetal remains in a freezer at the University of Washington, leading to calls for institutions involved in such research on babies to face accountability.

On March 9, leaders of pro-life groups, including the Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust, Pro-Life San Francisco and Rehumanize International obtained access to what the organizations described as “the largest and most active fetal organ bank in the nation located at the University of Washington in Seattle” in a statement. The groups obtained a photograph of a walk-in freezer at the university’s Birth Defects Research Laboratory that contains aborted babies’ body parts.

Said Terrisa Bukovinac, founder and executive director of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising: “It is my hope that this photograph reminds us all that there are real victims being lethally oppressed by UW and traded like property. Fetal trafficking is abhorrent and it must end.”

They know that they are engaged in practices that are likely leading to a failure to uphold the Born Alive Infant Protection Act and that they are not in compliance with federal law as it relates to their records,” said Bukovinac in an interview with The Christian Post. The activist added that she was one of four pro-life leaders to address the Board of Regents at UW, where they demanded transparency and that the university “comply with federal law.”

“We would like to see full transparency from the university to find out exactly what they’re engaged in, force them to comply with the law and then ultimately to be held accountable for their crimes.

“The Regents, during these public comment sessions, do not comment or react to the statements being made,” she added.

While the members of the UW Board of Regents did not react verbally as the pro-life activists confronted them during a public comment session, Bukovinac said “they did seem surprised and several of them seemed interested, concerned, just based on their demeanor and the looks on their faces….”

Documents made available as a result of public records requests from the group Indiana Right to Life gave Bukovinac and the other pro-life leaders all the information they needed to find the freezer full of fetal tissue, organs and other body parts.

One document, a 2013 invoice for fetal brains addressed to the University of Indiana, listed the location of the UW Birth Defects Research Laboratory as 1959 NE Pacific Street, Health Sciences Bldg., Room RR 346, Seattle, WA 98195-6320.

Bukovinac said she and other pro-life activists were able to easily access the freezer and did not encounter security in the building: “It didn’t take too long to locate the freezer. We saw it. At first, we were trying to look inside and shine a light because there was a small window to look through, but we soon realized that there was a light switch on the outside and when we flipped it on, we could see everything that you see in the photograph….”

The above comes from a March 30 story on the Christian Post.