And today, Maison Des Champs, a 22-year-old college student at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, climbed to the top of the Los Angeles Ritz-Carlton hotel skyscraper to help raise funds to support a pregnant woman considering an abortion who just needs a little support to raise a baby along with rent and childcare.

“When Olivia found out she was pregnant she was immediately scared. With mounting bills and her boyfriend wanting nothing to do with the baby, Olivia felt she needed to schedule an abortion. She is a single mother to 3 kids and is 7 weeks along with her 4th. She lost her job and couldn’t keep up with rent payments so she and her children are on the verge of eviction. If that wasn’t enough, her car broke down and even though she is starting a new job in December, she will have no reliable transportation,” he said in an Instagram post.

Let Them Live will ensure she not only receives financial help, but emotional and financial counseling and coaching as well so she can choose life and successfully get back on her feet.

The money I am raising is to cover these expenses for Olivia as well as other moms that Let Them Live is working with.

Whatever the amount, your donation will ensure Olivia and other women like her are supported and lives are saved from abortion.

In 73% of circumstances, women are choosing abortion because of financial burdens but Let Them Live raises money to relieve those burdens so women can choose life; women like Olivia who are struggling to make ends meet and feel that abortion is their only option.

During his climb, Des Champs hung a banner from a window that read “Support women, not abortion.”

Unfortunately, Des Champs was arrested after he got to the top of the building as he has been on previous climbs. Typically the trespassing charges are either minor or dropped….

The above comes from a Nov. 29 story in LifeNews.