The following comes from an October 11 Valley Catholic article:

Carolina grew up in a small town with few opportunities. When she was 19 years old, she came to the USA to make a better life for her and her family. However, it was a difficult transition. She did not speak English, had little education and struggled financially.

Despite these challenges, Carolina found happiness in a friendship with a young man named Jose. They both had high hopes for the future and fell in love. Carolina became pregnant a year after they met. She was so happy. However, at the same time Carolina struggled because she felt that she had nothing to offer her unborn child.

Carolina and Jose were renting a room and she had no job and little education. Jose had a job, but was only making minimum wage. Feeling under pressure and stressed, Jose was thinking about leaving Carolina. But after reflecting on his own absent father Jose realized that he wouldn’t let that happen. Jose wasn’t sure how they would support the child, but he was determined to break his family’s cycle and decided to stick by Carolina’s side.

Jose’s resolve was tested when he lost his job. Money dwindled and they were forced to move four times during the pregnancy. Sadness set in and Carolina began feeling alone. She stopped praying, stopped attending church and lost faith. At this low point, a co-worker handed Jose a RealOptions business card.

During her first visit at a RealOptions Pregnancy Medical Clinic, Carolina immediately felt supported and loved. Not only did she receive medical help and maternity clothes, Carolina found something she had been searching for, someone to talk with who listened with compassion and impartiality. As her pregnancy progressed, Carolina’s confidence and faith grew. Carolina and Jose eventually returned to their Catholic faith.

Carolina gave birth to a daughter. Against the odds, a family was born and dreams were rekindled. Carolina enrolled in and graduated from high school. Four years later she graduated from San Jose City College with an associate degree in accounting.

After graduation she set and accomplished another dream when she opened her own business. Business blossomed and so did their family when Carolina and Jose welcomed their second child a son.

The support Carolina received at RealOptions helped restore her relationship with God. Her renewed commitment is celebrated every Sunday when she and her family attend Mass.

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