The following is from a Californians for Life newsletter:

The Gosnell Movie premiers in theaters this Friday! Make sure to get your tickets for opening weekend!

This is an outstanding movie- I’ve seen it TWICE and would go again! Take your friends and family (It is PG-13).

See a listing of all the theaters here, from San Francisco to El Centro, Roseville, Natomas, Folsom, and El Dorado Hills!

Governor Brown VETOED SB 320, the bill which would have required our university student health centers to become abortion clinics.  However, Pro-Abortion Democrats have already promised to bring this bill back in January and pro-abortion Democratic Governor candidate Gavin Newsom has promised to sign this abortion bill if he is elected, which makes the November 6th election especially important.

We critically need to elect pro-life Governor candidate John Cox who can veto anti-life, pro-abortion legislation such as SB 320.

Early voting started this week. All eyes are on California to see if the pro-life majority can be retained in the US Congress.

For information on the pro-life candidates in CA, see our CaliforniansForLife website.

Make sure you are registered to vote here.

Find out who your representatives are here.