Pro-life leaders around the world have expressed their joy following President Donald Trump’s suspension of American funding of the World Health Organization.

In London, England, John Smeaton, director of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), told LifeSiteNews that the decision was “brilliant and brave.”

“This is a brilliant and brave move from President Trump,” Smeaton said via email.

“Not only has the World Health Organisation been planning for years to promote abortion in a COVID-19-type pandemic, it has become abundantly clear even to the secular world that the WHO is serving the world’s most corrupt power structures rather than the common good….”

Also in London, Maria Madise, SPUC’s international director, told LifeSiteNews that Trump had shown “real political courage and leadership.” She added that WHO had been using the tragedy to push its anti-life, anti-family agenda.

“This is a brilliant and most welcome move by the U.S. president,” Madise said via email.

“Apart from WHO’s scandalous delay in reporting on the extent of the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan followed by giving inconsistent advice, WHO has used this crisis to aggressively advance its attacks on the inviolable rights of life and the family under the guise of tackling the pandemic,” she continued.

“Prompted by COVID-19, WHO is working on classifying abortion as an ‘essential health service’ so that abortion could go on under lockdown. Drugs used in medical abortion were already listed as ‘essential medications’ by WHO in 2017. Now, in light of restrictions with entering health facilities, they promote home abortions with these drugs, which is terrible and deadly advice that some governments have sadly followed in their guidance.”

Madise reminded LifeSiteNews that WHO’s executive director of emergencies program, Mike Ryan, had revealed that WHO officials might begin entering homes to remove family members who are sick.

“Since WHO’s first director, Dr Brock Chisholm, wrote in 1948: ‘Children have to be freed from… religious and other cultural “prejudices” forced upon them by parents and religious authorities,’ WHO’s anti-life and anti-family track record has not improved,” she said….

Father Frank Pavone of Titusville, Florida’s Priests for Life paid tribute to Trump’s action, saying it was a contrast to the “failed leadership” of a Democrat rival.

“President Trump’s withholding of funds from the WHO is yet another in a long series of decisive, courageous decisions in dealing with [COVID-19] and in protecting Americans and their families, in sharp contrast to the failed leadership of Joe Biden,” Pavone told LifeSiteNews….

“Thank God that the one making these difficult and life-saving decisions is President Trump and not Mr. Biden,” Pavone concluded.

The above comes from an April 15 story in LifeSiteNews.