The people of Oregon will vote in November on whether to force taxpayers to finance abortions.

The state determined last week that pro-life activists had submitted 117,799 valid signatures to place Initiative Petition 1 which will most likely be known as Measure 106, on the fall ballot, The Oregonian reports. Exceeding the minimum requirement by just 221, the measure asks voters to approve a state constitutional amendment declaring that the “state shall not spend public funds for any abortion, except when medically necessary or as may be required by federal law.”

“Medically necessary” is defined as any physical condition “that would place [the mother] in danger of death unless an abortion is performed,” while “required by federal law” refers to federal rules requiring that exceptions be made for rape or incest. The amendment would also allow the “termination of a clinically diagnosed ectopic pregnancy” to receive public funds.

“We did something many people didn’t think was possible,” said Oregon Life United (OLU) director Jeff Jimerson. “Oregonians can finally vote to stop the funding of elective abortions with our state tax dollars.”.

Measure 106 has the support of more than 550 churches in the state, as well as endorsements from Archbishop Alexander Sample, Bishop Liam Cary, former pastor and pro-life author Randy Alcorn, and more.

Putting the question directly to Oregon voters bypasses both the pro-abortion legislature and an inevitable veto from Oregon governor Kate Brown, a former abortion lobbyist.

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