The National Front for the Family Tijuana called on the population to “vote for life in the next elections on June 6,” asking the electorate to review the positions of the candidates towards the defense of life beginning with  conception.

Ricardo Cano, representative in Tijuana of the National Front for the Family, said that they have presented initiatives where the family is the center of public policy so that values ​​are maintained, so that it is the parents, not the state, who decide on the sex education their children receive; they are asking as well for more severe penalties for rapists.

As part of the national campaign against legislative actions to decriminalize abortion in Mexico, the National Front for the Family Tijuana announced a car caravan on Saturday, February 13, in the six municipalities of the state of Baja California. Ricardo Cano stated that the intention of this caravan is to maintain the visibility of the struggle that is being made for the values ​​of life and the family throughout the country, as well as to prevent the approval of initiatives that decriminalize abortion, which are up for consideration in the Mexican Senate.

At the state level, “it is saying no to the initiative of Deputy Miriam Cano on the decriminalization of abortion,” said the representative of the civil association, adding that the deputy speaks of non-existent data when promoting her bill.

The caravan will take place on Saturday, February 13 at 3 pm. It will start in front of the Plaza del Maestro, travel from Zona Río to the third stage of the Tijuana River, at the level of the Regional General Hospital number 1 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security.

The above is a translation of a Feb. 10 story which appeared in El Sol de Tijuana.