On Tuesday, May 28, newly elected Democratic Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez voted for Planned Parenthood-sponsored Assembly Bill 154 to legalize abortions performed by non-physicians in California.  AB 154 passed, with 50 ayes, all Democrats, to 25 nays, all except one, Republicans.

This was Lorena Gonzalez’s first day in the California Assembly representing San Diego’s 80th Assembly District after winning a special election to replace Assemblyman Ben Hueso who resigned from that seat after he won a special election to serve out the remaining part of State Senator Juan Vargas’ first term after Vargas won the 53rd Congressional seat in November and resigned from his state Senate seat.

The Democrats now hold “supermajorities” of more than two-thirds of the seats in both the California Senate and Assembly and all California state-wide offices from Governor to Insurance Commissioner, both U.S. Senate seats, and 38 out of 53 (72%) of California’s Congressional seats.

Lorena Gonzalez was clearly a pro-abortion candidate since she was endorsed by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, by California National Organization for Women, and by pro-abortion organizations like the California Democratic Party, California Nurses Association, and the California Teachers Association.  She was also endorsed by the San Diego Democrats for Equality which campaigns for same-sex marriage.

On Tuesday, July 23, in a run-off special election in the Central Valley’s 16th Assembly District, Democrat Leticia Perez is facing Republican Andy Vidak for the remaining 17 months of the term for the State Senate seat which Democrat Michael Rubio vacated in February to become a highly-paid Chevron Corp. executive.

The race is very close, and the Democratic Party and its labor, liberal, and feminist, and pro-abortion allies are pouring resources into the race to try to hold a 29 to 11 seat (72%) advantage in the California Senate.

Leticia Perez has been endorsed by the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). Chelsea Gelbart of NARAL Pro-Choice California stated  “…pro-choice candidate Leticia Perez, is dedicated to expanding access to local and affordable reproductive-health care. She stands with California women and families and supports a woman’s right to make personal medical decisions without government interference.”

Leticia Perez received a $2,500 campaign contribution on May 29, 2013 from the NARAL “Privacy Pact” just after the May 21 primary.

“Emily’s List” which only funds pro-abortion women candidates contributed $3,900 to Leticia Perez’ campaign on May 16, just before the May 21 primary.   On the same day, the pro-abortion the California Teachers Association (CTA) contributed $8,200.  In April, Leticia Perez’ campaign received $8,200 from the pro-abortion California Nurses Association (CNA).

Leticia Perez’ campaign website lists endorsements from many other pro-abortion Democratic legislators and organizations which are making large contributions to her campaign.

See: “Perez for Senate” contributions received here.

The race has become heated.  A front page article in the July 5 Sacramento Bee described an independent expenditure mailer paid for by the California Association of Realtors (CAR) which showed a picture of an abused dog and claimed that Leticia Perez had been a defense attorney for a dog abuser.  Democratic President Pro-Tem of the state senate fumed: “These folks now have gone scorched earth, and it only intensifies our commitment and our effort to do all that we can to prevail.”