The following comes from an August 7 posting on the website of TFP Student Action.

Hiding behind a euphemistic name, Law Students for Reproductive Justice is notorious for promoting the pro-abortion agenda.  Its mission in the public policy arena is designed to broaden worldwide access to surgical abortion, contraception and sex education.  With activist chapters on dozens of college campuses, the group works in concert with Planned Parenthood, the ACLU and abortion doctors who routinely kill unborn children.

Late-term abortionist Dr. LeRoy Carhart, for example, was a key-note speaker at the Law Students for Reproductive Justice’s 2013 Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference. In one of LiveAction’s undercover videos, Carhart explains how he kills unborn babies by lethal injection: “It’s like putting meat in a crock pot,” he said.

“Justice” in this context is nothing but a gross injustice.

However, after I expressed my concern about the club’s pro-abortion presence at the Catholic University of San Diego, I received a troubling reply from Dr. Timothy  O’Malley, vice-president of university relations.  In short he attempted to justify the club’s existence:  “The fostering of legal expertise in all aspects of the law is consistent with the educational objectives of the USD School of Law,” he wrote….

Sign your protest to stop the pro-abortion agenda at USD

There are other good reasons why TFP Student Action invites pro-life Americans to ask the University of San Diego to withdraw its recognition of the Law Students for Reproductive Justice.

— A fact sheet published by the LSRJ states that “abortion is an important component of ensuring and promoting women’s health.”  (Source)

— The New York University chapter of LSRJ provides “escorting at local Planned Parenthood clinics” and also sponsors an “annual Sex Toy Party.”  (Source)

— At the University of Wisconsin, LSRJ recruits students to volunteer with Planned Parenthood.

— At the University of Texas, LSRJ co-hosted a speech by Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards in 2012.  (Source)

— LSRJ at Boston College Law School “works on reproductive health and choice issues such as global family planning, comprehensive sex education, contraceptive equity and birth control options, safe, legal and accessible abortion…”  (Source)
How to amplify your voice for the unborn

In addition to sharing this article with friends and family, you can be the voice of the unborn and make a bigger difference by posting messages on the University of San Diego’s social media networks.

Use Facebook:
Post your protest message at

[Sample message]  Will the Catholic University of San Diego defend the unborn?  Please rescind the Law Students for Reproductive Justice’s club status because the group promotes the grave injustice of abortion, in opposition to Catholic teaching.

Use Twitter:
Post your message at

[copy & paste this tweet]  @uofsandiego Catholic USD gives pro-abortion LSRJ club full recognition.  Urge them to cancel it.

Use YouTube:
Post a comment under “discussion” at

[For example]   I’m deeply concerned because I found out that USD gives full club status  to the pro-abortion group, Law Students for Reproductive Justice.  Abortion is wrong, a grave sin against God.  How can this happen at a Catholic university?  Doesn’t USD believe in the right to life?  It’s time to roll back the culture of death and rescind LSRJ’s club status at the University of San Diego.  Thank you.

Contact information (please be firm but polite)

Dr. Mary Lyons, President
University of San Diego
5998 Alcalá Park
San Diego, CA 92110-2492
Phone: (619) 260-4520
Fax: (619) 260-6833

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