California Catholic Daily exclusive.

A pro-abortion event scheduled for June 23 will no longer be held at Our Lady of Angels Cathedral Plaza.

The Archdiocese of Los Angeles issued the following statement regarding the event, called “Uncertain Times: Charting the Path Forward for Women’s Health.” According to the statement, “this was not a Cathedral or Archdiocesan event. The Archdiocese became aware of the matter yesterday evening. The event will not be taking place at the Center on the Cathedral Plaza.”

The following letter was circulated on Facebook yesterday:

“Thank you for bringing the “Uncertain Times: Charting a Path Forward for Women’s Health” event to our attention at the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The information was acted upon immediately, and the event has been moved.

“The topic for the event, as well as the occupations of both speakers listed in the promotional material, stands in direct contradiction to Catholic moral doctrine and violates our policy for the use of our facilities in the ADLA handbook, which states, ‘speakers should not contradict the mission and principles of the Catholic Church, especially in the area of objective Catholic moral teaching.’

“The Office of Life, Justice and Peace, under the leadership of Archbishop Gomez, are committed to the dignity of every human life and the protection of the right to life for all. We ask that you join us in prayer today and every day for an end to the tragedy of abortion and a commitment to supporting women and families in need.

“God is our Father and he calls us to take responsibility for our brothers and sisters, to promote and protect human life, beginning with the most defenseless members of our human family.” Archbishop Gomez, For Greater Things You Were Born