The following comes from a November 13 Cardinal Newman Society article by Adam Cassandra:

As Catholic school districts in Canada struggle to develop and implement “transgender policies,” one priest in the Diocese of Saskatoon in Saskatchewan, Canada, told The Cardinal Newman Society that any school policies or programs leading students to embrace gender “identities” will “inevitably hurt students who are trying to live the Catholic Faith.”

“I can say that embracing these identities can be very troublesome and hurtful for all students, not just those who are dealing with transgender issues. Embracing an identity means that our whole life meaning becomes consumed by something that is superficial, something that does not penetrate to the core of who we are,” said Father Gregory Roth in an interview with the Newman Society.

Before being forced to do so by the provincial government, the Saskatchewan Catholic School Boards Association started a process to draft policies on the pastoral care of transgender students and how to handle student requests for gay-straight alliances in the schools of Saskatchewan’s dioceses.

Back in March, the Saskatchewan Catholic School Boards Association held two in-service sessions on transgenderism as part of its policy recommendation effort. The association’s executive director Ken Loehndor told the Newman Society that experts were invited to help those in attendance better understand the transgender issue. But alarms were raised following the events about “gay activists” being involved in the process.

A report posted on the Archdiocese of Regina website mentions the guest speakers at the symposium discussing acceptance of transgender identities.

LifeSiteNews reported on the event, pointing to the controversial nature of the participants as “gay activists” who reject some of the Church’s teachings and give “tacit approval to ‘gender theory’ — which has been condemned on three occasions by Pope Francis and at least once by his predecessor Pope Benedict.”