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A bill pending in the Oklahoma legislature would provide support for pregnant moms facing pressure to have an abortion when confronted with ultrasound scans showing their baby has severe disabilities.

Whether it’s from doctors, family or society, parents of unborn children with very severe physical disabilities that could claim their lives shortly after birth often face pressure to have an abortion. The pro-life Perinatal Hospice Bill, HB 2685, was approved by the Health Committee to address that.

As Oklahomans for Life tells, “The bill addresses the rare but tragic circumstance where a pregnant woman is told that her unborn child has a fetal anomaly incompatible with life. Often in such cases the mother is encouraged to consider abortion the “logical” or “humane” response to such a diagnosis. Under HB 2685, the mother would receive information about public and private agencies and services available to her which offer perinatal hospice and palliative care if, instead of abortion, she decides to carry her baby to term.”

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