Another pregnancy center powered by Heartbeat International’s life-giving pregnancy help start-up program is ready to offer women a choice – right next door to Planned Parenthood.

Napa Women’s Center in Napa, California, is set to open its doors to clients on November 23 after holding its opening ceremony last month.

Shawn Carney, president of 40 Days for Life, spoke for the event, calling for those in attendance to support the pregnancy help center.

“This is a great day for Napa Valley,” Carney said.

The pregnancy center, which will provide pregnancy tests, client advocacy, medical referrals, material resources and abortion pill reversal – all free of charge – is right next door to the Napa Planned Parenthood.

“The reason it’s a bad day for Planned Parenthood is because you have increased access to choices,” Carney told the crowd present for the unveiling.

“You’ve increased access to love, and you’ve increased access to joy,” Carney said. “And there is no joy inside of an abortion facility.”

Carney spoke in conjunction with his travels for the fall 40 Days for Life vigil, and offered praise for the ministry of Heartbeat International in serving women facing unplanned pregnancy, which has complemented the 40 Days for Life outreach well, he said.

One of the first believers in 40 Days for Life’s Christ-like reputation early on was Heartbeat International, Carney said, due to 40 Days for Life holding vigils outside abortion facilities near where Heartbeat affiliates are located.

“And they are the largest network of pregnancy resource centers in the world,” Carney stated. “You cannot find a better organization to help you to do what you’re doing in Napa than Heartbeat International.”

“That’s the combo that closes abortion facilities,” added Carney….

The above comes from a Nov. 11 story on Pregnancy Help News.