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Four prominent pro-abortion groups appear to be anticipating their next public relations embarrassment, as officials with the groups told The Huffington Post they believe the pro-life organization Live Action has concluded another undercover investigation into potentially illegal activities.

Officials say a Live Action employee, posing as a potential donor, met with teams at the Planned Parenthood Action Fund, NARAL Pro-Choice America, EMILY’s List, and Priorities USA.

The woman – who posed as “Wendy Reed,” an abortion clinic owner from Malibu – asked how closely they coordinate their political efforts with the Obama campaign, a possible violation of campaign laws. She also asked a number of questions about whether President Obama would repeal the Hyde Amendment or support partial birth abortion.

At a subsequent meeting Planned Parenthood instructed their security guard to demand ID and captured a low-grade version of an image of the alleged Live Action investigator on a security camera.

The ID revealed that Reed was actually a woman who had posted a comment under her own name on the Facebook page opposing the Obama administration’s HHS birth control mandate.

Priorities USA has been accused of illegally cooperating with the Obama re-election campaign as recently as August. The organization produced an ad telling the story of Joe Soptic, who claimed falsely that Mitt Romney’s business practices resulted in his wife ultimately dying of cancer. Although Obama for America (OfA) spokeswoman Stephanie Cutter denied knowledge of the story, she hosted a conference call with Soptic in May….

In a statement e-mailed to [pro-life nurse Jill ] Stanek, Lila Rose, the head of Live Action, said, “If these pro-abortion groups were as ‘on to us’ as they claim, they should have filmed the encounters themselves. And if Planned Parenthood and their pro-abortion allies stand by everything they said, they should proudly release the tapes and educate the public.”

Planned Parenthood has attempted to punish the alleged Live Action investigator by asking California Attorney General Kamala Harris to investigate a fake website that was listed on the woman’s fake business card. “If this medical website is a hoax and is falsely holding out services to women in need, it should be immediately taken down and the persons responsible for the site should be held accountable,” the October 11 letter stated.

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