The following comes from a March 15 email from Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego:

Dear Pro-life Friends,

It was another hot day at Family Planning Associates and the grace of the Holy Spirit’s presence was felt by many.  The counselors were able to talk freely with many couples and we had four turn-arounds that we know of.  There may have been others later that we are unaware of.  Thanks be to God there was a large family praying with us this morning and they helped minister to some of the women.

One of the counselors talked to a young couple as they drove into the lot.  The young woman said she had an ectopic pregnancy and she needed to get it done today.  The counselor warned them of the many incidents with the doctor’s medical record and advised them to seek help elsewhere.  The counselor told them that this was not an easy procedure and they should call Culture of Life Family Services to get advice.  The counselor was not quite convinced that they were speaking the truth.

The counselor called a nurse at Culture of Life and the woman talked with the nurse for about 15 minutes.  It was then advised that they should go to the emergency room to get the proper care needed.  They both were hesitant and at one point it seemed like they might park and go into the abortion clinic.  However, they agreed to leave and go to the emergency room at a local hospital.  The counselor offered to stay in touch with them and they agreed and the counselor handed the woman a pink rosary and wished them well.  Please pray for “B” and her boyfriend that they get honest competent care.

A couple pulled into the parking lot around 10am and drove around for at least a few minutes. They seemed lost and looked like they didn’t know where to go. A counselor walked up to them and was received with great openness by both the mother and father. They were very interested in the information about the doctor and surprised about his bad history. The counselor explained to them more about the dangers of abortion, i.e. psychological, physical, and other side effects. The two parents had such good hearts and understood that this was wrong.

The counselor further explained how God had a unique plan (a personal mission) for the mother, the father, and the child; and told them many times how much they were loved by God. The parents opened up a bit more and it soon became clear that there were certain complications (within their family) which were “hindrances” to letting the child live. But the counselor reassured them that this child was indeed a gift from God, a light in their hardships.

The mom opened up more and said she was about 2 months pregnant and so the counselor showed her a picture of a preborn at 6 weeks and explained the development of the child at that stage. The mom also said that she had not had an ultrasound yet and so the counselor highly recommended the crisis pregnancy center. After a very open dialogue (might have been 15-20 minutes), they happily left the clinic and it is hoped they made or will make their way over to Culture of Life. Please pray for this young couple that they will courageously fight all other temptations against life and follow through with their decision of not having an abortion. May God reward their openness to life.

Soon after, a couple pulled up to the front of Family Planning Associates. After a counselor approached the wife, it was clear that she spoke little English. The counselor knew some Spanish and was able to articulate the danger of the doctor and of having an abortion. The lady said she was three months pregnant (and also had a two year old girl). She did not give a reason to having her abortion but she was very open to dialogue.

She was also given a pamphlet in Spanish that explained the side effects of abortion. Next, another counselor used her phone so that the lady could talk to a counselor who spoke better Spanish. They talked for 10 minutes or more. While this was going on, the initial counselor tried to talk with the husband, who did not seem to want to have the abortion. He said he was thinking a lot. The counselor reminded him how much God loves him and that He would be with them to help them.

After finding out that he was Catholic, the counselor gave him a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe and explained that the Virgin Mary was also pregnant in this picture and that she would protect them. The counselor prayed a Hail Mary in Spanish with him. Once the wife got off the phone, she stepped aside to talk with her husband. The counselors prayed very hard, and within a few minutes they turned around and left. One of the counselors gave them a rosary to keep and we hope and pray that they will go to Culture of Life as well to seek care.

About mid-morning a young couple pulled in, parked, then got out and started walking to the stairs leading to the mill. A counselor approached them to hand out material but the young lady seemed very upset, in tears and hurried ahead of her companion.

The counselor then engaged the young man with the history of the abortion Doctor’s lengthy malpractice litigation. That seemed to capture his attention. A photo of ambulances arriving at the clinic really drove home the point this was not a safe place for them.  He was very anxious to catch up with his upset girlfriend, but listened as the counselor walked and spoke with him on his way to the stairs, encouraging them to get a second opinion at the crisis pregnancy center.

The young man took the material and said he would confer with his girlfriend about this. He caught up with her at the top of the stairs and was observed showing the girl the material. They both stayed at the top of the stairs for 20 to 30 min talking together, and with her on their phone. She was crying and very upset the whole time. Finally the young man came down and walked back to his vehicle. The counselor spoke with him again asking if they had decided to keep their baby. He said they wanted to leave this place and discuss it more.

The counselor continued to drive home that going through with this will not solve their problems, only bring on worse problems the rest of their lives.  Doing this would definitely destroy their relationship, but if he truly loved her, keeping their baby will open doors to bring them closer together whether they keep the baby or place it for adoption. He thanked the counselor and said he would take it all under consideration, then drove over to the bottom of the stairs, picked up his girlfriend and left the area.

Please pray this couple will choose life and that they will allow the Holy Spirit in their hearts to guide all future decisions.
– the sidewalk counselors of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants San Diego