A federal district judge in Santa Ana has issued a ruling that would allow a child pornography and sex-trafficking suit to move forward against Pornhub and its parent company MindGeek.

Judge Cormac Carney ruled last Friday that there is sufficient evidence that MindGeek acted as a content creator, meaning that the company has no legal immunity in the lawsuit. The lawsuit against MindGeek was filed last February by two anonymous women who had videos uploaded to MindGeek sites Pornhub and RedTube without their consent.

One of the litigants, a California resident identified only as Jane Doe 2, alleges that MindGeek and Pornhub have profited from videos filmed by her ex-boyfriend when she was sixteen. The videos were posted in December 2019 on RedTube, with one video remaining on the site’s front page, garnering 30,000 views. The suit also noted that MindGeek is aware of the child pornography and exploitation posted on Pornhub, promoting them with playlists such as “less than 18,” “the best collection of young boys,” and “under-age.”

The lawsuit also maintains that MindGeek does not have a adequate method of monitoring the ages of those who appear in their videos, stating that the moderators “hired by MindGeek eyeball the performers in the video to see if they look young.” The suit goes on to say that the moderators are less likely and less inclined to flag videos featuring performers who are 15, 16, or 17 when compared with 12-year-old performers. If a video is flagged, it normally is because a Pornhub user flags it. Moreover, the process of removal could take months….
The above comes from a Sept. 8 story on LifeSiteNews.