Any Catholic who has committed a mortal sin cannot receive Holy Communion unless they have been to confession, the Pope has said.

Continuing a series of talks on the Mass during his General Audience on March 14, Pope Francis reminded Catholics of the need to obtain absolution for grave sins before receiving the Eucharist.

In remarks after his catechesis on the Our Father, the Pope said: “Someone who has committed a serious sin must not approach Holy Communion without having obtained absolution in the sacrament of Reconciliation beforehand.”

During his talk, he also said the words “our daily bread” refer “not only to food for our body but also Eucharistic bread, food for the soul.”

This expression of ecclesial communion and being reconciled in mutual, fraternal love is key before receiving the sacrament of Communion, the pope said.

“Christ’s peace cannot take root in a heart incapable of living in fraternity (with others) and of piecing it back together after it has been wounded,” he said.

Pope Francis prayed that by celebrating the rites with greater understanding people would experience the Eucharist more fully as the sacrament of their communion with God and with their brothers and sisters, Pope Francis said.

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