The following is from an October 20 KPBS Midday Edition story:

A statewide survey released Wednesday found almost all of California’s 17 ballot measures are on track to pass next month, with the proposition to end the death penalty in California the only measure to have significant opposition.

The poll from Sacramento State’s Institute for Social Research and its CALSPEAKS public-opinion project asked Californians about 14 ballot measures. A sample of 622 likely voters favored Proposition 67, the statewide plastic bag ban, 45-39, which was within the poll’s seven point margin of error, and opposed Proposition 62, which would end the death penalty in the state, 45-37. All other propositions in the poll had comfortable support.

“Most striking in the big picture is that almost all of these are going to pass, if our polling is instructive,” Institute for Social Research director David Barker said. “That’s remarkable in our history. (Ballot measures) tend to fail more often than they pass.”

More than 20 percent of respondents were undecided in eight of the propositions, with 34 percent undecided over Proposition 59, which would advise the legislature to work towards a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United. That U.S. Supreme Court decision cut back limits on campaign spending by corporations and unions.

“If you’re a typical voter, there’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Citizen’s United,” Barker said. “You can’t respond to that with your gut.”

The poll also found Attorney General Kamala Harris still has a double-digit lead against Rep. Lorerra Sanchez in their race for California’s open U.S. Senate seat, 49-24. A previous CALSPEAKS poll found Harris had a 51-19 lead over Sanchez.