For their own good, Catholic politicians who support abortion must not receive communion, the chair of the US bishops’ pro-life committee has said.

Archbishop Joseph Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas said that advocating for “intrinsically evil acts” such as abortion is a grave moral matter than can lead to mortal sin.

“Recent efforts to perpetuate and expand abortion in state laws have illuminated the deplorable actions of some Catholic public officials and advocates,” Naumann said.

The archbishop warned of the spiritual consequences: “Conscious and unrepentant mortal sin endangers our eternal souls and places ourselves on a path to Hell.

“To receive our Eucharistic Lord, while in a state of mortal sin, only further jeopardizes the eternal fate of our souls.”

Naumann said that he also has responsibility to ensure other Catholics are not scandalised or misled by an apparent tolerance of politicians who support gravely immoral causes.

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